To evangelize by educating children and youth, especially the poor, from early childhood, through the integration of Faith and Culture (Piety and Learning) to renew the Church and transform society according to the Evangelical values, creating fraternity.
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  • 01-05-2016 Letter to our Brethren

    "Piarist identity and belonging-1"

    We need to deepen the dynamics that emerge as central and the aspects underlined that gradually consolidate in the Order and which are configuring our being and our doing. And among them, there is no doubt that one of the keys that defines our actual collective awareness lies in the importance of the experience of piarist identity and belonging.

  • 01-02-2016 Letter to our Brethren

    "Let us send a clear signal to the Order"

    With these words the chapter assembly of the Pious Schools, gathered in Esztergom, closed its reflection and debate about Permanent Formation. There was a clear feeling and conviction that we fail to capture the full meaning of the challenge of formation, and many interventions highlighted the importance of it.

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